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Financial Terms Beginning With The Letter U

Uncovered call option

See covered vs. uncovered (naked) call.

Uncovered put option

See covered vs. uncovered (naked) put.

Undepreciated capital cost (UCC)

The capital cost of a fixed asset (excluding land) is added to a capital cost allowance class when the asset is acquired. Each year, the allowed capital cost allowance is deducted from the balance in the class, and the remaining amount is called the undepreciated capital cost.

See also recapture and terminal loss.


The distribution of shares or debt of a government or company to investors.


An unincorporated business, such as a proprietorship, is one which has not gone through the process of being formed into a corporation.

Unlisted stock

A stock that does not trade on a stock exchange, but may be traded over the counter (OTC).